Lilac-breasted Roller

Travelling Namibia

Lilac-breasted Roller – Coracias caudatus

The most colorful bird in Namibia? Until recently, they were mostly seen on telephone poles on the look out for bugs to scoop, but since the demise of telephone poles, they are less common. (Technology does have its disadvantages!)

My Robert’s Bird Guide, 2007, list them as fairly common and sedentary. Like the Kori Bustard, local movement has been recorded though. They are most abundant in the far north of Namibia in the Kavango region, but like mentioned above, they can be found all over Namibia away from water.

These little birds (108 grams) are opportunistic hunters! They are insectivorous, but will also tackle small snakes, frogs, birds and other rodents… gosh!

Lilac-breasted Rollers are not very vocal but can be heard in flight during their breeding season. The males seem to know what is good for them and are monogamous and extremely territorial…

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